We are the System Analysis and Verification (SAV) Group at Singapore Management University!

Our group develops systematic tools, theories, and methodologies for ensuring the correctness, reliability, and efficiency of software and systems, focusing on automated techniques such as model checking, machine learning, and program analysis.


  • July 04, 2021
    Congratulations to Nguyen Duy Tai for being awarded the SMU Presidential Doctoral Fellowship 2021/22. Recipients of this Fellowship are selected from the top 30% of PhD students across SMU. Tai has won this two years in a row – a fantastic achievement!
  • May 25, 2021
    Congratulations to Sun Jun on receiving the Lee Kuan Yew Fellowship (2021-23). This is his second, having previously received one from 2007-10.
  • April 01, 2021
    Congratulations to Richard Schumi and Sun Jun on receiving the EASST best paper award for their FASE/ETAPS paper, SpecTest: Specification-Based Compiler Testing.

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Research Fellows

Research Fellow
PHAM Hong Long
PHAM Hong Long
Research Fellow
Richard SCHUMI
Research Fellow
ZHANG Yueling
ZHANG Yueling
Research Fellow

PhD Students

PhD Student (SUTD)
Yifan JIA
PhD Student (SUTD/TUV)
NGUYEN Hua Gia Phuc
NGUYEN Hua Gia Phuc
PhD Student
SUN Bing
SUN Bing
PhD Student
SUN Yang
SUN Yang
PhD Student
ZHANG Mengdi
ZHANG Mengdi
PhD Student


CHEN Manman Research Fellow
CHEN Xiaohong Research Assistant
Cristian GHERGHINA Research Fellow
Cyrille JEGOUREL Research Fellow
Jianye HAO SUTD-MIT Research Fellow
KHOO Teck Ping PhD Student
KONG Pingfan Research Assistant
LE Quang Loc Research Fellow
LI Jiaying Research Fellow
LI Li Research Fellow
Anthony Widjaja LIN Research Fellow
Shang-Wei LIN Research Fellow
LIN Yun Visiting Researcher
LIU Guanjun Research Fellow
LIU Shuang Research Fellow
LIU Yang Research Fellow
Duong Thien Hoang NGUYEN Research Assistant
NGUYEN Phuoc Nguong Research Assistant
NGUYEN Truong Khanh Research Fellow
David SANÁN Research Fellow
SHI Ling Research Fellow
TAN Tian Huat Research Fellow
Lyly TRAN Research Assistant
WANG Jingyi PhD Student
WU Yongzheng Research Fellow
XIAO Hao Research Assistant
ZHANG Shaojie Research Fellow
Manchun ZHENG Research Fellow